Authentic modern leader

Authentic Leadership

Most leaders are moving into unexplored territories as integrity and emotional intelligence replace technical expertise and industry experience as the leading requirements for leaders. In order to move organizations and people towards effective leadership and future success, a major transition is required.

Leaders must make the transition from the engineering style of the past when they were leading with the mind (only) to the leadership style of the present when they are also leading with the heart and when they are not afraid to show their emotions, to communicate directly but with empathy, to be self-aware and genuine, to act in the same way in private and in public and to not hide their mistakes out of fear of looking weak.

In a world with new problems and unknown solutions, leaders need new skills and capabilities to manage higher levels of uncertainty. The traditional solutions of the past must be rewritten and authenticity is key here. In order to obtain innovative solutions, leaders must be able to ensure their teams with the necessary environment for new results.

What an authentic leader does

Leaders must provide their teams with autonomy, permission and security to develop new ideas in order to achieve successful end results. This means encouraging people to show their true abilities, as well as those “flaws” that motivate them to learn and grow in order to overcome them. Authentic leadership requires and takes full advantage of good communication, transparency, strong motivation and integrity.

This creates tension and uncertainty by creating an environment in which a diverse group of people can be honest enough to expose their shortcomings to move towards new insights. Being an authentic leader means being able to master this discomfort and still be able to behave naturally.

This type of change in leadership is not something a person can reach immediately. Self-actualization is a journey that never ends and never becomes complete.   Leaders realize that to develop themselves as individuals and to develop the company requires hard work, patience and continuous long-term focus, but the approach brings great achievements over time.

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