We are headhunters or executive search consultants.

We proudly offer executive search services. These differ from executive recruitment through several key features.

Executive search method

If you are a very competitive company and you want the best people or employees for the key positions, find out that, in general, they are almost always employed and are not active job seekers. An “active job seeker” is someone who is active in the job market by posting CVs on job boards, contacting recruitment companies, and actively applying for roles. A search company is not just waiting to be approached by active job seekers, but they will approach the best fitting candidates directly as opposed to waiting for them to approach a recruiter. In most cases, the candidate who best fits is employed at another company, maybe even at the competition, and it is the task of the executive search consultant to find him / her.

The most desirable pool of talent to employ is that of candidates who are not actively seeking a job, who are not registered with the recruitment companies and who do not apply for other roles. This pool is estimated at 60-70% of the workforce (while active job seekers represent 30%, limiting the  quality of the search) .

Candidates’ expertise

We are engaged as executive search consultants for the roles of executive, senior management and ultra qualified specialists. At this level, being a proactive seeker is a must.
We can afford to spend time getting to know the candidates in detail. Because we are dealing with passive candidates who are already full-time employed, we must often convince a candidate that accepting a new role is an important step forward in his or her career.
As an executive search firm, our reputation is vital and we carefully build it.

From our experience we have come to the conclusion that the best practical approach is the combination of the two search methods and the selection of candidates from both channels: that of the active job seekers, as well as the passive one. In this way we can offer a complete talent solution.


Through the recruitment activity we complete the middle level positions, that do not require a high degree of specialization, and through the executive search we complete the more difficult and critical roles for business. It remains to establish with our clients whether we will work with them on retained basis in a dedicated partnership. Let us help you find authentic leaders.