Great Candidate Experience

How candidate experience matters

The business world is becoming more aware of the increased impact that the experience of the candidates in the recruitment process has on companies. Here are some reasons why recruitment strategies should focus on the candidates’ experience.

Almost 50% of the candidates applying for a job had a previous relationship with the employer, some as clients. Customers of a company who have had a pleasant experience with the products or services offered by it have an additional motivation to apply. There was a real situation when for a number of positions advertised by a company they applied 50 times more competitors, and of these, 18% were customers of the company. Due to the unpleasant experience in the recruitment stage, 5% of these candidates have stopped using the company’s products and services. Of the unsatisfied candidates who have not been previous clients of the company, 75% will no longer become its clients in the future.

Ignored candidates, who are not notified of their status or failure in the recruitment process, will no longer apply to the same company at 80%. It requires a simple phone or email from the company to make these candidates 4 times more willing to reapply in the future for a position.

70% of job seekers who have had negative experiences in the recruitment process share their experience on the Internet. If the negative popularity of an employer increases due to negative reviews, the candidates wanted by this company become less and less influenced by the company’s advertising efforts and begin to base their decisions on third party information. A candidate reads on average up to 6 reviews on the internet to form an opinion about a company.

Today’s technology should be used responsibly not to replace human recruiters but to increase their skills so that they are more efficient in building a relationship with candidates. 80% of job seekers who were unsuccessful doubt that anybody ever read their CV and make them distance themselves from a company and not look at it as a potential future employer. In order to provide a quality experience to the candidates, the efficiency of the automation must necessarily be accompanied by the personal care of a recruiter.

The probability of accepting a job increases by more than 30% for the candidates satisfied with the way the recruitment process runs. Improving the candidate’s experience will have a direct effect on many values ​​that matter: cost per job, acceptance of job offers and even income generation. For M&R Executive Recruitment a candidate’s great experience is a must have.