We are happy to announce a strategic partnership with ASOCIATIA LIBER who is involved for more than 5 years in social projects for disability persons. Our common goal is to integrate a consistent number of disability persons in different companies from Romanian business environment . We address to multinational or local companies with more than 50 employees who wants to say YES to our project. Your benefits will be amazing : BRAND AWARENESS, FINANCIAL SAVINGS and JOY OF A GOOD DEED!
And don’t forget – Together we can change DESTINIES!
M&R Executive Recruitment & ASOCIATIA Liber




WHO ARE WE? In the past, the LIBER Association was an authorized protected unit creating, supporting and integrating the workforce of people with disabilities. Currently, the LIBER Association aims to support the counseling and integration of people with disabilities on the labor market. This service was created in 2017 following legislative changes in order to support the professional development of these people and to provide them with an independent life. Through this project we aim to help people with disabilities to be integrated in companies, especially in the corporate area, thus learning to work in teams and to integrate in the community.

The LIBER team believes that any person can be integrated into the labor market using special programs for adapting to a job and translating the tasks to be interpreted. Thus, through these methods, over time, these people will be able to successfully complete the tasks on their own. For us, the most valuable value in a company is the MAN and the contribution he brings through any task received.

Any disability is a skill! TOGETHER WE CAN!
FREEDOM– for a life without barriers and blockages
INDEPENDENCE– stability and security of a job
BENEFITS– life with new development opportunities
EVOLUTION- identities / skills and professional abilities
REWARD– new identity and new opportunities

– Increasing the level of training of people with disabilities for active inclusion in the labor market
– Promoting the potential of each person with disabilities
– Integration into the labor market for different companies
– Understanding different tasks and performing them independently
– Identifying motivational elements to an independent life
– Support for an independent and social life
– Promoting education, including special education and improving vocational skills

This project has helped both people with disabilities and companies by making a valuable contribution in both directions. This project aims to increase for people with disabilities confidence in their abilities as well as in themselves, thus succeeding in encouraging the development of new skills that can be put into practice in any workplace. Due to these aspects, these people managed to adapt as well as to integrate from a professional and social point of view.

For client companies, it was possible to increase the company’s brand both among employees and among potential candidates. This project makes a contribution of corporate social responsibility to addressing social issues and has a positive impact on the lives of poor and disadvantaged groups, including by creating inclusive development and helping these sections to have a dignified productive life. Among companies, such a project helps to increase empathy among employees, understanding and supporting disadvantaged people with support from the entire team. The integration in the team of a person with disabilities can be considered a stimulus of motivation and even of appreciation vis-à-vis the involvement and dedication offered at work. Through this project we want people to look at these people as an example of life, a model of success. Basically, if they can succeed by default, we can too!

MARCH 1 and 8 – making greeting cards with thematic motifs, trinkets from different materials / objects
HOLY EASTER – fimo objects (jewelry, decorations)
JUNE 1 – stuffed toys for children, clothing (bow ties)
HOLY CHRISTMAS HOLIDAYS – packaging and arranging gifts, making gift boxes
COMPANY DAY – motivational messages on various objects for company employees

– Good quality products with social impact
– Promotion among employees regarding social inclusion
– Employer branding and social responsibility campaigns
– Inclusion of people with disabilities in various campaigns


With over 10 years of experience in the corporate environment, Raluca has developed complex recruitment processes for top companies from different industries. Very well connected with top performer both from Romania and from CEE. Over time, she has consolidated a professional network of over 13,000 candidates. Excellent reputation in the recruitment market due to professional attitudes and successful closed processes.
Raluca has a double specialization in Law and Psychology, a Master in Human Resources Management and various certifications in psychometric testing, having the opportunity to interact and work with people with disabilities, experience gained in the ESTUAR center. Here she had the opportunity to interact with people with different diseases, and the goal was to reintegrate these people into the community.

Mihaela has over 10 years of experience in various areas – recruitment and selection, market mapping, evaluations and trainings. She works with people with disabilities for over 7 years, managing to integrate on the labor market over 400 people over time. In her 7 years of experience working with people with disabilities, Mihaela has learned to adapt to their needs, to identify opportunities for integration into the labor market and to  develops people with disabilities the necessary skills to integrate into the labor market and implicitly in a job. Mihaela is a graduate of Psychology, but she has attended personal development courses such as: NLP, TethaHealing, trainer, personal development counselor, to be easier in providing support during counseling. Due to her corporate and entrepreneurial experience, Mihaela managed to develop a professional network of over 25,000 people from different industries. Over time, she has carried out over 1200 recruitment projects for Entry, Middle and Top Management positions, projects that have also included people with disabilities and their integration into the labor market.

She has over 15 years of experience in the corporate area, activating in the sales area as well as in customer support in the corporate environment. Amelia graduated from ASE, where she had the opportunity to develop her skills in the financial-banking field. Because she wants to offer support to those around her, Amelia decided to be part of our team, the goal being to be the liaison between the client and the person with disabilities.

Simona ESANU
Simona has over 7 years of experience, working both in the budget environment and in the corporate area. The satisfaction received at work was within the state environment, activating as an educator, thus developing communication and interaction skills with the little ones. Thus, with the help of these acquired skills, Simona joined our team, the goal being to provide support in understanding tasks among people with disabilities and to help them become independent.