Experienced recruiter, Recrutor cu experienta

A recruiter could be your most important hire

One of the most critical aspects of running a business today is recruiting the right people. When it comes to interviewing and hiring, most business owners or professionals improvise or play it without preparation. Although sometimes things go that way, there will definitely be situations where time and important resources are wasted because of a hiring mistake.
Therefore, partnering with an experienced recruiter can prove extremely valuable and in some cases even something that prevents you from serious mistakes. If the recruiter knows the industry for which you are hiring, he will know how to select the best option to fill a role and will be able to avoid the wrong choices. In addition to more common tasks such as creating a job description, evaluating a resume, negotiating a compensation package, the experienced recruiter can help you identify and define that unique mix of capabilities for the leader you need. The recruiter will complete the recruitment process, ask the right questions, search and scan candidates to find the right match.
Hiring the right people is one of the strategic aspects of a business. Using inexperienced people in this important project increases the risk of hiring the wrong person.
Sometimes it is necessary to act with discretion especially when it is necessary to replace an executive who performs poorly. The job is not for advertising and no recommendations can be requested inside the company. But a recruiter can advertise the job and can interview candidates from the field, even from the competition, without having to say the name of the company he works for. In this way no one will be prevented over an imminent change
When it is necessary to find the ideal candidate for an important job, all the advertising methods can be used, but in a short time it will be found that the HR department is overwhelmed by the large number of applicants who do not qualify. Top executives do not use job boards. They find their opportunities through their own networks and here comes the talent of recruiters to be inside of these networks.
A good recruiter can also think of candidates that another professional cannot consider. If the set of qualities required for a role matches another industry, here the recruiter has a definite advantage with a different perspective. You may find someone with leadership experience or who meets your criteria in a variety of locations. A good recruiter can find the essential qualities in people and places that can sometimes be “hidden” from other professionals.
The bad consequences of a bad hire are the more serious as the role is more important for a company. The more important the role, the greater the consequences. When you need to fill an executive role, your first hire should be a recruiter who can perform at the highest level for you.